My goal in writing this book was to offer an objective view of how destructive the divorce wars truly are and to offer the reader viable suggestions on how to deal with them. I use stories and situations of individuals (some real, some fictional) in my book, all of which make me keenly aware that much needs to be done to mitigate the pain and suffering one undergoes while in the throes of divorce, as well as the pain of what precedes and/or follows a divorce or a mere relationship break up.

While I am not a psychologist, and I do not pretend to be, I found myself dealing with delicate psyches—especially among the children. I realized that how we treat others, how we conduct ourselves, and how we communicate during difficult times can alter the course of one’s life. This knowledge furthered my resolve to share my many years of legal expertise by funneling it into whatever means might serve others to find strength and peace and, more importantly, a roadmap to a more harmonious existence. The residual impact of my work on this book has prompted me to begin a sequel that is specifically aimed at addressing how divorce and custody battles impact children and what can and should be done about them from a family law attorney’s point of view.

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“I think there is a real need for books like this, books that examine and try to explain the psychological warfare that attends so many divorces. Stacy Phillips has done wonderful work here, and this book will no doubt be useful to many readers.” — Writer’s Digest Book Awards

“Stacy Phillips has done a masterful job in helping people steer clear of the typical wars that perpetuate the struggle for control. There’s no question: Anyone going through a break-up should read this book.” — Jennifer Openshaw, CEO, Openshaw’s Family Financial Network