Psychological wars entail subtle or covert attacks, probing each other’s sanity and targeting their minds, as opposed to their feelings. Nothing screams “I am the victor” louder than if they can’t get a rise out of you. The chapter covers strategies to prevent attacks and how to avoid such attacks from getting the best of you. Ms. Phillips stresses the importance of not reacting, but responding.

Chapter 6 Sample Excerpt:

“Though we disagree, I’m glad we could meet over dinner to discuss this calmly,” said the expensively-dressed, handsome venture capitalist.

“As am I,” replied the well-coiffed socialite.

“So then, even though I know you want to send him to Fremont, I suggest we send Bradley to Wintersberg. It’s ranked in the top 20 of college prep institutions.” This remark came across as dark and formal as his navy Giorgio Armani suit.

“Were we going to order first, Dan?” “Oh, sure, Bonnie.”

The server who was standing nearby stepped forward. “She’ll have a Manhattan.”


“Oh, I mean a Vodka Martini. Dry. I’ll have a Chivas. Rocks.” “What’s with the Manhattan?” Bonnie was visibly disturbed. “Did I say that? Oh, I’m sorry.”

Sorry? Bonnie knew that Cassandra, Dan’s secretary of the past five years, drank Manhattans. She and Dan had been separated for only four months. Her mind ran a quick scan of the possibilities. Like a computer that had been shut down improperly, it began to rapidly check all files before booting up again.