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Read what other divorce and family law attorneys, authors, mental health professionals and media representatives have to say about Stacy D. Phillips and her book, ‘Divorce, It’s All About Control: How to Win the Emotional, Psychological And Legal Wars.’

“I regard Stacy Phillips as one of the preeminent family law attorneys in the country. Her insights in this book are invaluable. The lessons are hard-hitting and approached in such an easy-to-assimilate way. ‘Divorce: It’s All About Control’ should be mandatory reading for everyone getting a divorce, not only as a helpful guide to get them through the process but to help face their control issues head on.”
Raoul Felder
Celebrity Divorce Lawyer | New York, NY

“Don’t be fooled! This book is not just for people coping with divorce. It’s just as valuable for people coping with relationships. Stacy targets issues about self and significant others that forces introspection and ultimately makes relationships stronger. And, if the relationship is kaput, it unscrambles the mysteries.”
Harvey Levin
Executive Producer | TMZ

“Well written, insightful and practical – Stacy Phillips’ ‘Divorce: It’s All About Control’ identifies a key emotional pivot point in the marital relationship, explains its possible effects and how to recognize and deal with the consequences of this unique form of conflict. As a mediator who deals with non-marital conflict in the settlement of complex business disputes, I gained an understanding on some of the non-monetary factors that affect human behavior beneath the surface of the issues the parties claim to be disputing. I recommend Stacy’s book to anyone who deals with any form of conflict whether professionally or personally.”
Richard Chernick
Vice President and Managing Director | JAMS Arbitration Practice
Los Angeles, CA

“Stacy distinguishes herself by bypassing the usual, unsubstantiated advice on handling hardships that you often find from most relationship experts. With her hands-on experience with the issues that really tear couples apart, she boils down the psychological jargon to the essence of what truly transforms petty spats into full-blown battles in a relationship – and ultimately, offering genuine solutions to survive through the separation process.”
Arnold Chao
Lead Editor | Yahoo!

“Wow! A book about divorce that will save you legal fees and your sanity. It will enable you to regain control of your life when you thought that wasn’t possible. Don’t get divorced without it.”
Mark Goulston, M.D.
Author: “The 6 Secrets of a Lasting Relationship: How to Fall in Love Again and Stay There”

“Divorce can be very costly. More often than not the fight is not so much over money or assets as it is over control. Stacy Phillips has done a masterful job in helping people steer clear of the typical wars that perpetuate the struggle for control. There’s no question: Anyone going through a breakup should read this book.”
Jennifer Openshaw
CEO | Openshaw’s Family Financial Network
Host of ABC Radio’s “Winning Advice with Jennifer Openshaw”

“The desire to feel in control of our lives is rarely more acute than when we are challenged with the loss of our relationship. Our very loss of control over the foundation of our lives often causes us to cling to it, causing further harm to each of us and our partner. Stacy Phillips’ book teaches us not just to accept our lack of control, but to be wise about how we react to this very human reaction. This book is absolutely essential reading for anyone who wants to engage in a mature and thoughtful split.”
Katrina Dewey
Former Editor | Los Angeles Daily Journal
CEO of Lawdragon.com

“If you’re married, separated, unhappy in your relationship, considering divorce, in the process, even if you’re already divorced, you’ve got to read Stacy Phillips’ “Divorce, It’s All About Control.” There is sound, practical, and not so obvious advice on almost every page. No matter where you are in your relationship, get this book!”
Paul Fedorko
Literary Agent

“In many divorces control is a major issue between the parties. Divorce: It’s All About Control – How to Win the Emotional, Psychological and Legal Wars is a must-read for every person thinking about, going through, or having been through a divorce. In explaining how the divorce process can overtake a person and completely consume them, Stacy Phillips is straight-forward and very much on point. Her lessons are hard-hitting and insightful”.
Dennis Wasser
Celebrity Divorce Lawyer
Wasser, Cooperman & Carter | Los Angeles, CA

“From the perspective of an accomplished Family Law litigator, this author’s practical analysis of the divorce process exposes the clash between human emotion, psychology and the legal system. Ms. Phillips demonstrates why the devastation of acrimonious litigation should and can be avoided. DIVORCE: It’s All About Control-How to Win the Emotional, Psychological and Legal Wars is not only essential for the many victims of divorce, but for attorneys practicing in the field”.
Neil E. Kozek,
Matrimonial and Family Lawyer
Kramer Kozek LLP | New York, NY

“Stacy Phillips is a pro. She takes an emotionally charged event, and with a no-nonsense, common sense approach, provides the road map to control. Her case studies highlight the dilemmas faced in divorce, then, in a way all her own, she provides strategies and practical solutions. This is a must read for anyone facing divorce”.
Jacqueline M. Valdespino
Attorney at Law | Coconut Grove, FL

“Divorce: It’s All About Control is a book that talks about winning in a losing situation! What I find most valuable about the book is that it provides a very personal experience for the reader by encouraging each of them to define their current status in the divorce wars and plan strategies to prevail in them. I also appreciate the way Phillips uses her sense of humor to lighten the mood”.
Robert C. Kaufman
Greenberg Traurig, LLP | Denver, CO

Control Your Divorce Receives Multiple Five-Star Reviews on Amazon.com

“I so enjoyed every page of Ms. Phillips’ fine book! Having gone through more than one divorce, I would have been thrilled to have had this insightful book beside me through such difficult times. I really appreciate the way Ms. Phillips speaks directly and candidly to the reader. Everything she says is easy to understand and extremely enlightening. I love the pop quizzes. I also love the “scenes”(I saw myself in more than one!). I have already recommended this book to several people. No one should even think about a divorce until they have this helpful guide. What strikes me most about this book is Phillips’ wonderful sense of balance between imparting knowledge, lifting the reader’s spirits and offering up perfect helpings of humor.”
Amazon.com Reader Cherie Kerr
Communications Trainer

“As the publisher of Divorce Magazine a lot of books about divorce come across my desk and this is one of the best I’ve seen. Stacy provides honest, straight forward advice from a very experienced and competent lawyers point of view. I highly recommend it.”
Amazon.com Reader Daniel G. Couvrette
Divorce Magazine Publisher

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