Chapter 4 advises on finding the proper attorneys and therapists for your divorce case. It can be a difficult process, and the reader needs to look for those that will help you reach your goals and leave you feeling in control. When it comes to children, they can be the most provocative and influential forces in the control department as they are often the casualties of divorce. In order to mentally organize the situation, Ms. Phillips categorizes attorneys, types of ex-spouse, therapists, friends, court officials and children.

Chapter 4 Sample Excerpt:

Megan half skipped, half ran, to greet her waiting mother at the door. Her father had just dropped her off from a weekend visit. The nine-year-old could not reach out to hug her mother because her arms were full.

“Hey, what’s all this?” Her mother tried to hide her irritation. Megan had obviously been deluged with gifts. She followed her mother into the kitchen.

“Well, the movie is for scoring a point at soccer on Saturday.” Megan was hyped and revved. “The bracelet is for helping Dad clean out the garage. The posters are for having perfect manners at the dinner table, and don’t get mad Mom, but the jacket is” Before she could finish her sentence, “That jacket! Megan, I told you I would buy you that little suede number for your birthday next month, remember? You asked me specifically to buy that for you. Did you not?”

“Yeah, but”

“But, what? What’s going on?”

“Well, we were at the mall and I showed it to Dad and he said… well, he didn’t say, actually. I told him I wanted that for my birthday.”

“So you got him to buy it for you? You didn’t tell him you had already asked me to?” Megan’s mom was incredulous.

“Well, yes, it’s an early birthday present. Dad and I, well, we decided. That’s what I told him I wanted and…but Mom?”

“What did you say? We decided?” She was ready to blow.

“That’s okay because that means you can buy me that DVD player,” Megan couldn’t hide a wide grin.

“Possibly not, Megan.” Her mother was spinning!

“Well, fine then.” Megan turned on her heel to head upstairs with her things.

Her mother instinctively began to follow her.

“Then I’ll just ask Dad for one. He’ll buy it for me!”

Megan’s mother stood at the foot of the stairs, fuming and speechless.