Legal wars, the most financially distressing of all three wars, is setting yourself up for years of emotional, psychological and financial recuperation. This chapter forewarns of the many and tedious legal processes that this war can engage. Ms. Phillips suggests the ways to best defend these types of attacks and alternatives for those wanting to pursue this type of war. A contemporary adage perhaps sums up this chapter best of all: “God grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Chapter 7 Sample Excerpt:

“What the (bleep) is a deposition?” yelled the heavy-metal rocker, his voice noticeably gruff, skipping a few syllables as a result of the hoarseness caused by his recent 23-city tour.

“Well, it’s a statement given under oath, and it takes place”

Cutting me off, “Fine, then you (bleepin’) go!” he ordered. I wasn’t fooled by his machismo, detecting a hint of fear in his tone. He started to mutter under his breath.
Working to get his attention, I said, “RodRod, listen, of course I will go, but you must be there, too.”

“What the (bleep) for? I’m due in the studio on the tenth of December. I can’t go to no (bleepin’) disposition.”

“Deposition,” I gently corrected.

“Yeah, well, whatever. You go.”

“You have to go, Rod. Your wife’s lawyer is taking sworn testimony.” I attempted a slight laugh, “Yours!”

“Why? Oh (bleep)! That bleached-blonde (bleep) has cost me fifty thousand (bleepin’) dollars in just the last four (bleepin’) months!”

It was true-she had. Marta’s attorney had filed a number of motions, most of them ridiculous, but nonetheless legal.

Underneath his crusty and profane exterior this rock star really was a nice guy. He had even warned me the day he signed his Retainer Agreement that when he became upset he was prone to uncontrollable swearing. While I am not a fan of such language, I told him I would cut him some slack in that department so long as he helped his case by behaving gentlemanly in court-by not swearing there-and at all other legal proceedings, including depositions. I also told him he could not swear at me, ever, and if he did our legal “concert” would be over.

So far he had kept his promise. I knew that as tough as he appeared on stage and during media interviews, he crumbled inside each time his ex-wife’s attorney shot another series of legal bullets at him. Such hits were like machine-gun fire; they came rapidly and often. In fact, there had been little let-up since she filed divorce proceedings eleven months earlier.