The Enemies Within

This chapter profiles a different type of war – a war against the Enemies Within, which are the battles indirectly related to your ex, and how to identify and control them. Ms. Phillips emphasizes the importance of isolating the activities, such as overworking, excessive drinking, or compulsive spending, which prohibit self control during the divorce process and offers sensible strategies to help regain that control.

Chapter 8 Sample Excerpt:

“Does the suit come in brown, too?” the well-groomed thirty-seven year old computer programmer asked.

“Yes, it does. Not just the gray, but brown and black as well,” replied the attentive salesman.

“Hey, then I’ll take it in all three colors.”

Unsure of how to say it, the salesman finally managed: “I’m afraid that will put you over your credit limit.”

“Well, then, here, put it on my new Visa card.”